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Our services is of high quality standards.


We've built rich bespoken desktop applications base on client need. With over 20 years of expirence, desktop appliction is one of our strongest point.


iPhone, Android, Windows, or hybrid, give your business new heights with bespoken mobile applications, specifically designed to serve your needs.

Responsive Websites

Developing highly efficient, fast, reliable, and scalable web applications matching your business requirement, without compromising with the security.


Over the years as a software house, we’ve worked and produce software for companies like:

Dusseldorf, Germany.
Bodelshausen, Germany.
Heidelberg Eng.
Heidelberg, Germany.
VEGA Grieshaber
Schiltach, Germany.
Paderborn, Germany.
Donaueschingen, Germany.
Olympus Europa
Hamburg, Germany.

About Us

DENJOS Ltd is a commercial, open-source software company that provides customized software development. We work closely with the client to ensure the digitalization of their workspace is realised innovatively. Our software is able to power daily workflow across multi-sectors and industries.

The ALFA Digital Business Platform is a modern enterprise system, cloud or on-premises platform that manages the flow of information and enables organisations to build digital operations to deliver efficient instant service offering world-class organisation and end-user experience.

ALFA Office, offers a suite of programs to the general public that enables seamless capture, retention and storage of document and information.

Our skilled engineers know the game of software business and deliver successful solutions that meet all specificized requirements while invariably staying within time-frame and budget limits.

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